From its start as a family-owned shoe business in 1971 to its global expansion into more than 60 countries, Rockport is a prime example of a brand that has evolved tremendously over the years but continues to remain true to its roots: comfort and quality. When Rockport joined forces with Drydock Footwear to form The Rockport Group in 2015, they needed a multi-brand webstore that would streamline the shopping experience across all of their brands. Enter TradeGlobal.


“With TradeGlobal, we have a partner who understands how each component of the eCommerce ecosystem influences all others, and we use that expertise to our advantage.”

The Rockport Group

Over the course of four months, TradeGlobal rapidly developed and deployed a multi-brand eCommerce webstore on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) platform that included the following features:

  • Shared cart functionality across all three brands
  • A single page checkout
  • BlueCore integration for email marketing enhancements
  • 'Refer a friend' functionality via Extole
  • Gift cards for purchase and redemption on their eCommerce site

In previous years, TradeGlobal also worked with Rockport to launch their Canadian site, which included French translations via an integration with














Rockport leverages TradeGlobal’s services across all areas of eCommerce, including development and integration, site content management, digital marketing, fulfillment and customer care.


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Time Inc


For decades Time Inc.’s core focus was print, digital journalism and multimedia. With the shifting landscape of the marketplace, the decision was made to step into the merchandise space to create a new eCommerce destination, People Shop by People Magazine.

Selling merchandise online and possessing inventory was a rarity for Time Inc., so it was crucial to find the right solutions partner to guide them through this new venture. Time Inc. had one warehouse in Florida that they used for back copies of magazines for some of the 90 publications it owns. However, this warehouse, as well as the general foundation of the enterprise, could not be scaled to handle hundreds of product SKU’s.

“We are expanding the frontiers of our eCommerce business. This is a new foray for us, so we needed a partner for order management, inventory management, fulfillment and a global warehouse network to distribute the merchandise we planned to sell”, commented Kristopher Schmidt, Senior Director of eCommerce and Consumer Marketing Systems at Time Inc. As is the case with any technology deployment today, Time Inc. knew that there would be challenges involved. Getting all of their systems to integrate smoothly and work in concert, while meeting their expedited time line to launch was their main focus.


CUSTOMER PROFILE: Time Inc. People Magazine

INDUSTRY: Magazine Publishing, Celebrity Accessory Shop





  • Develop new eCommerce arm for revenue growth
  • Enable global fulfillment and delivery capabilities
  • Quick time to market

“We are expanding the frontiers of our eCommerce business. This is a new foray for us, so we needed a partner for order management, inventory management, fulfillment and a global warehouse network to distribute the merchandise we planned to sell”

Kristopher Schmidt
Senior Director of eCommerce
Systems, Technology & Product Engineering


CUSTOMER PROFILE: Elastic Path Solution: Elastic Path Commerce 6.11

EDGE® Order Management
FlexNet® Fulfillment


  • Accelerated speed to market, deployed in 3 months
  • Enormous cost savings due to pre-integrated, best-of-breed approach
  • New digital shopping venue for People's 75 million-plus audience
  • Global reach for fulfillment and delivery

"Elastic Path and Jagged Peak understood the importance of our quick time to market and made a concerted effort to get the job done."

Alcardo Vazquez
Manager of eCommerce,
Time Inc.


Time Inc. had successfully set up their entire eCommerce magazine subscription business with Elastic Path in years past, and wanted to follow their best of breed approach when building out this new eCommerce arm. “We wanted whatever system we brought in to integrate and work in the same way as Elastic Path’s – I tend to think agile, best-of-breed approaches scale better over time, because if you need to replace or change a part for some reason, you have the flexibility to do,” Schmidt remarked. After vetting Elastic Path’s partner network, Jagged Peak’s EDGE platform and FlexNet solution was identified as the best option for order management and fulfillment. With good recommendations from clients, the fastest time to market, and “plug and play” integration into many systems, Jagged Peak was the clear choice.

Jagged Peak’s offering also came with FlexNet, a global network of warehouses that came integrated with the EDGE software. This gave Time Inc. the opportunity to fulfill from multiple warehouses simultaneously. The ATP or availability-to-promise feature was also a key driver for customer satisfaction –providing real time inventory visibility and accurate delivery date commitments.


People Shop was successfully deployed in just 3 month with curated mini boutiques from 18 brand partners, bringing People’s 75 million-plus audience daily fix of fun.

Time Inc. was able to go from being a magazine subscription-based enterprise to one that is now competing on a level with established retailers, giving them a huge step forward and a competitive advantage against other publishers in the space.

Even before the final contract was signed, Jagged Peak provided a detailed project plan that included benchmarks, targets and time lines to help Time Inc. understand the task at hand and ensure the project’s success. Goals were met in accordance with the original time line, including some that popped up along the way such as information technology security requirements.

Utilizing Elastic Path’s and Jagged Peak’s integrated, agile solutions not only expedited deployment, but also helped Time Inc. avoid enormous costs and complexities that would have otherwise been a factor had they selected a solution that would have required a great deal of customization.

What words best described the project? “Collaborative and Successful. We had a comprehensive team that put all the moving parts together, both Elastic Path and Jagged Peak understood the importance of our quick time to market and made a concerted effort to get the job done,” commented Alcardo Vazquez, Manager of eCommerce, Time Inc.



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Coffee drinkers–especially those with palates adapted to espresso–have one thing in common: when they want a cup of "Joe," they want it now! Néstle/Nespresso, the maker of the market-leading coffee capsule system, understands this better than most, which is why they turned to Jagged Peak to optimize their supply chain.

Nespresso needed one solution provider, with one platform to serve complex B2C and B2B order scenarios. A solution hub that could service both big box retailers, marketplaces and their own specialty boutiques. Determined to create a customer experience service that would exceed customer satisfaction, Nespresso sought a solution that would accelerate delivery time, while reducing shipping costs.

“I see ‘live’ customers in about 40% of my deliveries, and literally hear the same thing every time. It’s always some variation of ‘Wow; that was … fast! unbelievable!, super fast!, very speedy! The customers literally are in shock that their order arrived so quickly, often saying ‘I just ordered that this morning!’”

John Tenant
Jagged Peak Delivery Driver


Nespresso selected Jagged Peak to support their retail boutiques and online consumer channels using the EDGE Order Management System (OMS) and FlexNet™ fulfillment services, which included 15 distribution centers in North America, EDGE optimizes order delivery for Nespresso coffee makers and coffee capsules, leveraging its provider optimization capabilities and least-cost routing services. EDGE sources orders to the most optimal warehouse based on inventory availability and customer proximity. Next, EDGE's fully integrated Transportation Management System (TMS) shops both carrier and carrier service to meet the customer promise date, matching the perfect carrier and service.


The results have been substantial. Decreases in Customer Wait Time (CWT) went from 2.8 days to 1.2 days, coupled with significant freight savings of up to 50%. Since program inception, order volume has increased from 40 million to 600 million units per year.

Another major competitive advantage and differentiator for Nespresso came with the launch of same-day delivery in several major metropolitan markets. This service ensures that orders placed by 4 p.m. are delivered by 7 p.m. that evening. In some cases, customers have received their orders within 40 minutes of hitting "Submit" online.


  • Standardized KPIs, processes, procedures, SLAs and pricing
  • Jagged Peak is single-point of contact for management and performance compliance
  • Same-day fulfillment
  • Same-day delivery in major U.S. metros and in Canada
  • Using multiple DCs results in up to 50% reduction in freight costs
  • Customer satisfaction is off the charts
  • Double-digit Y/Y business growth
  • Reduction of customer complaints .77%
  • Reduction of Customer Wait Time – 2.8 to 1.2 Days


  • 3PL/4PL solution; 50 Distribution Centers (North America, Europe and Asia Pacific)
  • All DCs operating on EDGE OMS + WMS + TMS
  • Automatic sourcing of orders to optimal DC
  • Orders transmitted to EDGE OMS
  • EDGE OMS sources perfect order to the perfect provider
    − Allows centralized administration
    − Allows decentralized visibility/fulfillment
  • Orders are pushed to the appropriate WMS (provider level)
    − WMS provides real-time inventory visibility
  • TMS sources 23 carrier options to match optimal carriers to meet Nespresso’s promise date
  • All Cloud-Based - accessible anywhere


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Calvin Klein


With its eCommerce presence in the United States and many European markets well established, Calvin Klein chose SP Commerce to spearhead its entry into the Asia Pacific online shopping scene.

Kicking off with the launch of its Asia hub in Hong Kong, the global fashion label leveraged SP Commerce’s extensive logistics infrastructure and digital commerce capabilities to serve online shoppers in seven markets across the region. SP Commerce helped Calvin Klein achieve speedy times to market and cost efficiencies through institutionalized processes, localized and customer-centric web storefronts built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) eCommerce platform, and highly trained customer care teams that service multiple markets and languages.

Localized web storefronts and direct international shipping from out of its Hong Kong hub puts Calvin Klein directly in touch with its regional audience, giving it visibility into key indicators such as where customers are purchasing from, what they prefer and how much they are spending. This, in turn, gives it a way to test different markets and learn more about their shoppers before committing inventory to those markets.


“SP Commerce has given us confidence in the ongoing Asia expansion and our investments in the region. Through our partnership, we gain first-rate eCommerce capabilities, and a speedy, low-risk entry into this high-potential region.”

Larry Luk
Head of eCommerce, Calvin Klein Asia


Despite Calvin Klein’s strong physical retail performance in Asia, the fashion label was well aware of the rising trend of Asian shoppers looking for apparel online – and the need to offer user experiences tailored to each market in order to effectively capture this audience.

However, the traditional distributorship model presented a concern. With such models, brands have visibility only into inventory movements, and limited ways to track buyer preferences and purchase patterns – which Calvin Klein needed to understand their online audience and better tailor sales and marketing strategies. A way had to be found to access this intelligence while also ensuring the intricacies of cross-border shipping – such as customs duties and product restrictions – were accounted for.

All this Calvin Klein needed to achieve on a scalable and cost-effective basis – and they needed to achieve it quickly.


Utilizing the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) commerce platform and local logistics infrastructure, SP Commerce worked with Calvin Klein to launch its Hong Kong eCommerce operations in October 2015. This served as the brand’s regional eCommerce hub, from which webstores were rolled out for 6 other Asia Pacific markets – each drawing inventory from the Hong Kong hub but presenting localized interfaces, currencies, and more.

These webstores were managed by SP Commerce’s store operations teams, ensuring that the day-to-day activities such as product cataloguing, content management and payments management were handled effectively. Post-sales support was provided by SP Commerce’s contact center teams across markets and languages, such as both Mandarin and Cantonese support for Hong Kong and Macau.

Calvin Klein benefited from SP Commerce’s agility and rapid turnarounds from development to launch. Flexible timelines and a single, dedicated point of contact helped Calvin Klein avoid the problems that accompany working with multiple partners and approvals.


The approach of fulfilling region-wide orders from one central hub proved both swift and cost-effective – doing away with the high costs and lengthy implementation times of fully localized logistics deployments, while giving Calvin Klein a clear picture of each market’s performance. Insight gleaned from consumers’ locations, preferences and spending power and patterns equips the brand to make informed decisions on cataloguing, promotions and more.

SP Commerce’s expertise with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) platform proved valuable in helping Calvin Klein to take webstores live across multiple markets in a comparatively short time. Leveraging SP Commerce’s store operations and customer care teams also helped Calvin Klein scale across the region while keeping manpower and operation costs to a minimum.

In just three months, Calvin Klein began rolling out successful Asia Pacific operations and gained a significant competitive edge through business intelligence.








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With the rapid growth of eCommerce in Southeast Asia, adidas aimed to expand quickly throughout the region. adidas was looking for a partner able to provide an infrastructure that was scalable and efficient. An efficient warehousing and distribution model was a key consideration in its plan to cater to its large number of consumers.

Southeast Asia is a diverse set of different countries, cultures, financial and legal frameworks, and consumer behaviors which require a regional partner with the necessary local expertise. Given the accelerated growth of online shopping in the region, adidas required a partner who was able to provide a scalable eCommerce technology ecosystem ready to cater for rapid increases in website traffic,  as well as a solid regional logistics network ready to handle massive daily order fulfillment.

“eCommerce features prominently in adidas’ global business plan route 2015 as we continue to establish eCommerce as our third sales channel. It presents an exciting growth opportunity in Southeast Asia and complements our already strong retail presence here. We look forward to making adidas products more easily and conveniently accessible to customers, and are excited to work with a strong partner like SP Commerce to ensure we deliver a smooth and reliable consumer experience across the region.”

adidas’ Managing Director for Southeast Asia


adidas wanted a partner who could implement end-to-end capabilities and roll out the first site within four months, thereafter be able to scale up to four more markets within Southeast Asia. adidas had the option of developing its own eCommerce channel or to collaborate with a partner with an existing infrastructure. With timing being a crucial factor, adidas decided to leverage on SP Commerce’s existing infrastructure and expertise in the various Southeast Asian markets.


Backed by cutting-edge eCommerce technology, seamless distribution capabilities and postal networks, SP Commerce offers an end-to-end eCommerce solution consisting of six pillars: eCommerce technology, warehousing solutions, delivery & returns, store operations, regional customer care and performance marketing. SingPost handles fulfilment for adidas in all five markets and offers consumers a localized shopping experience, which is crucial in Southeast Asia where cultural nuances vary by country.



One of the main challenges was launching the adidas site in sixteen weeks – which proved to be a tight timeline. The first webstore was developed in twelve weeks, and thoroughly tested end-to-end for four weeks before going live. Each localized adidas online store was successfully launched in Southeast Asia thereafter.


In under a year, SP Commerce had built web and mobile stores for adidas and is drawing growing traffic every month. Marketing strategies have driven substantial amounts of shoppers to the mobile platform, and overall adidas is seeing strong performance in their eCommerce stores across Southeast Asia.








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